Music and Composition at Reines corner.

Welcome this corner in the middle of everything.
I'm trying to survive writing music. Mostly for musicians
that are classicaly trained.

This summer most of my thoughts are on my opera Strändernas Svall
(Return to Ithaka)
that is about to be premiered.

You might want to know what i look like.
Calle Hesslefors has a few pictures.
Two of them free for publication.

If you don't find your way to this corner
of the world (i.e. a concert)
I have a few examples here.
And there are three pieces that has made it to a CD .

about the CD Keep the Change

And a CD is on it's way. In janary we recorded the last piece,
the covertext has been written and translated photos has been taken layout is finished
mixing, mastering everything is done and it seems like a small prerelease
will be made around the premeiere of the opera.
Here is a short biografy about me.
and a link to FST

For the moment I'm taking part in the rehersals of the opera.
Listening to very good singers talking to intelligent people. It's like
like a dream. Not the king of nightmare that formed the opera but a most
pleasant dream. From the moment I wake up until i go to bed i'm surrounded
by intelligent, tallented and nice people.

I have also begun a picec for a singer and six instruments with the
fantastic poem by Vladimir Majakovski called "Ett moln i byxor" in Swedish.

On the dull lonley workingdays here is a slight ;) possibility that you will see me
escaping into playing the piano (for the moment slowly playing Haydens pianosonatas),
writing a silly sound program on my Linux maschine
or praticing some tai ji.

Here is a list of most of my music.
If you are interested of a score please tell me.

If you want send me a message.
I'd love to hear from you.

Tue Jul 3 13:47:12 2001